April 27, 2011

7th YPFDJ Conference held in Oslo

Asmara, 26 April 2011 – The 7th YPFDJ Conference was conducted from April 22 to 25 in Oslo, Norway.
In a message conveyed to the participants via video, President Isaias Afwerki noted the active participation of the youth in national development endeavors over the past 20 years which he lauded.

In his message, the President called on the youth to further enhance their participation in nation-building endeavors, as well as following up the current symposiums that are being conducted inside the country on the part of ministries and other government institutions as points of reference.Likewise, Mr Yemane Gebreab, head of Political Affairs at the PFDJ, commended the active participation of the Eritrean youth in development endeavors in the Homeland through inheriting the cherished values of past generations. He also called on them to reinforce their involvement in national affairs. Following discussion on the agenda items of the conference, the participants held intensive discussion on future work programs. According to reports, over 40 papers were presented on the occasion.

Aytos: Inhabitants getting improved social services
Asmara, April 26, 2011- Various service-rendering institutions put in place in Aytos, Araeta sub-zone, over the past couple of years are bringing about commendable change in the enhancement of socio-economic development.

Noting the significance of the new service-rendering institutions in their daily activities, the local inhabitants made particular mention of the benefits obtained regarding improved access to social services.

Mr. Ahmed Ali, Administrator of Aleti area, indicated on his part that a number of programs have been implemented with a view to tackling yet unaccomplished tasks.

Foro Sub-zone: Popular campaign to construct of Foro-Kohaito route underway
Foro, April 26, 2011- The inhabitants of Denanlo, Malka, Eromaile-Deguina, Ruba Haddas, Robrobya administrative areas in Foro sub-zone are taking part in a popular campaign in the construction of Kohaito-Foro route, according to the Administrator of Foro sub-zone, Mr. Omer Mohammed.

Indicating that t the inhabitants are taking part in the construction of canals and support walls, Mr. Omer noted the strategic significance of the road in connecting the Southern and Northern Red Sea regions.

On their part, the participants of the campaign highlighted the importance of the road which is of vital economic significance as it connects agricultural sites and trade centers.

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