October 4, 2013

4th Mining Conference concludes

4th Mining Conference concludes

4th Mining Conference concludesAsmara, 03 October 2013 – The 4th Mining Conference in which a total of 400 individuals comprising country representatives, mining and exploration companies, mining experts, investors as well as service providers have been taking part concluded yesterday.

Reports indicated that the participants conducted an in-depth discussion on the papers presented focusing on national mining resources, the activities of mining companies in the Homeland, the impact of mining on the environment, mining companies due to begin activities in Eritrea as of the year 2017, as well as safety of employees on site. Moreover, experts presented briefings pertaining to the prospects of potash mining and its advantage for agricultural purposes, assimilations of mining potentials in the Arab-Nubian Shield with that of Eritrea and the negative impact of Mercury on traditional as well as small-scale mining activities.

The participants are engaged in tours to mining and exploration sites, as well as other places of geological and tourism-related importance following the conclusion of the meeting. The tour would conclude on the 5th of this month.

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