October 1, 2013

4th Geo Congress opens in Asmara

4th Geo Congress opens in Asmara

4th Geo Congress opens in Asmara

Asmara, 01 October 2013 – The 4th Geo Congress opened today here in the capital under the theme “Meeting the Challenges for Sustainable Mining” in the presence of government officials, country and mining company representatives, as well as service providers.

In opening remarks, Mr. Alem Kibreab, Director General of the Mining Department, noted the prevailing challenges of the sector at global level, and explained that the smear campaigns targeting Eritrea’s mining activities are but part of the ongoing baseless hostile activities. He further disclosed that 4 new mining projects are due to be launched in the year 2017, thus demonstrating the nation’s potential to this end.

In the course of the meeting, the participants observed pictorial exhibition depicting the current mining and service business prospects in the country, besides the previous and ongoing mining as well as exploration activities.

The meeting in which more than 400 individuals are taking part and a number of study papers are being presented would continue until the 5th of this month, according to reports.

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