December 4, 2019

Eritrea participates at International Maritime Organization conference

Asmara, 04 December 2019- Eritrea participated at the 31st Assembly of the International Maritime Organization Conference held from 25 November to 4 December in London.

Eritrea as a member state of the International Maritime Organization also participated at the election of countries to become members of the council of the organization for 2020 and 2021.

The International Maritime Organization is the highest organ responsible for maritime safety, security and pollution.

In the same vein, the National Committee in Germany held its annual meeting on 23 November in Frankfurt. The meeting was attended by 52 representatives from 14 cities in Germany.

At the meeting the head of Diplomacy and Media at the Eritrean Embassy in Germany, Mr. Teklu Lebasy gave extensive briefing on the objective situation in the homeland.

Mr. Kahsai Tewolde, head of Public and Community Affairs, also gave briefing on the investment opportunity being initiated to nationals and called on the nationals take advantage of the opportunity being created.

Like wise, Eritrean nationals residing in Manheim, Germany, observed the International Day of the Disabled under the theme “Assisting War Disabled Veterans: Responsibility of Every Citizen”.

The head of the Public and Community Affairs at the Eritrean Embassy in Germany, Mr. Kahsai Tewolde said that supporting the war disabled veterans is the responsibility of every citizen and called for augmenting contribution.

At the event the nationals raised 2500 Euros in support of the National Association of the Eritrean War Disabled Veterans.

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