May 19, 2013

22nd Independence Day anniversary observed in Kassala city

22nd Independence Day anniversary observed in Kassala city

22nd Independence Day anniversary observed in Kassala cityThe 22nd Independence Day anniversary was observed yesterday in Kassala city, Sudan, with patriotic zeal. Speaking on the occasion in which thousands of Eritrean nationals and Sudanese comrades took part, Mr.Ismail Mussa, head of public affairs at the Eritrean Embassy in Sudan, indicated that the specialty of the event lies on the fact that it is being celebrated at a time when anti-Eritrea agendas have ended up in utter failure.

Likewise, Mr. Ibrahim Fitwi, Chairman of the Eritrean community in Kassala city said that the preparations made for the colorful celebration attest to the extent the community members cherish national independence. Representing the Administrator of Kassala region, Mr. Abdullahi Mohammed Duruf, Health Minister of the region, explained that Eritrean-Sudanese relations has been fostered on the basis of the peoples’ ties, and that such diplomatic move is of remarkable vitality to both sides.

“Mutual participation in connection with the national holidays of both countries attests to diplomatic harmony of this nature,” he added. Reports indicated that cultural performances by Bennifer Cultural Troupe added color to the event, while the celebrations of the Day by Eritrean nationals in Sudan would continue in the cities of Gedaref, Khartoum and Port Sudan until May 30.

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