December 9, 2020

Getting to Zero: Eritrea’s Battle against...

Getting to Zero: Eritrea’s Battle against HIV/AIDS

By Dr. Fikrejesus Amahazion | On 1 December last week, World Aids Day was commemorated around the globe. In Eritrea, where the special day was marked for the 29th time, several events were organized, while Eritrea Profile also featured a number of articles in connection with the day (including “World AIDS Day: Global Solidarity, Shared Responsibility” and “World AIDS Day Observed Nationwide”). An important theme running through both the organized events and the media articles was recognition and celebration of Eritrea’s HIV-related progress and achievements since its independence. In today’s article, I delve further into the topic, helping to contextualize and shed further light onto Eritrea’s fight and success against HIV/AIDS. Read more

December 6, 2020

Ona massacre

Ona massacre

By Simon Weldemichael | Many villages suffered devastating losses during the 30- year war of the Eritrean liberation. Following the dictum of their emperor that “it’s Eritrea’s land that we want, not its people”, successive Ethiopian governments committed untold atrocities to exterminate the Eritrean people. The Ona massacre was one of the numerous atrocities committed against Eritrean civilians by the Ethiopian colonial army. Read more

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