June 14, 2019

Press Statement on the occasion of the visit of...

Press Statement on the occasion of the visit of Lt. General Abdul-Fattah Al-Burhan; Chairman of the Transitional Military Council

For over thirty years, Sudan’s National Congress Party – an adjunct and continuation of the Islamic Movement – inflicted unparalleled damage in the country thereby creating a vacuum.  The following few and major events illustrate the gravity of the prevalent situation:

* Pushing South  Sudan to opt for secession and precipitating a situation of recurrent tension;

* Perpetuating and micro-managing the problems in Darfur, Kordofan, Blue Nile, the East and other areas;

* Inducing the proliferation of over 120 political organizations and parties in order to divide and weaken them and thereby prolong its rule;

* Impoverishing the Sudan – potentially a breadbasket  – and causing it to suffer chronic bread shortages;

* Installing a corrupt and kleptocratic regime in stark contrast to its pronounced agenda of “advocacy for the deprived and promotion of social justice”;

* Not only has it caused Sudan’s debt to skyrocket to over 50 billion US dollars, but it also plunged the country into spiraling  economic crisis; Read more

Chairman of TMC of Sudan arrives in Asmara

Chairman of TMC of Sudan arrives in Asmara

Asmara, 14 June 2019- The Chairman of the Transitional Military Council (TMC) of Sudan, Let. Gen. Abdul-Fattah Al-Burhan arrived in Asmara in mid-morning hours of today, June 14 for a working visit to Eritrea.

Upon arrival at the Asmara International Airport, Let. Gen. Al-Burhan was accorded warm welcome by President Isaias Afwerki.

At a meeting the two leaders conducted extensive discussion at the State House, President Isaias expressed Eritrea’s support to the popular Sudanese uprising. Read more

June 13, 2019

Eritreans in Angola celebrate Independence Day...

Eritreans in Angola celebrate Independence Day anniversary

Asmara, 13 June 2019- Eritrean nationals residing in Luanda and its environs, Angola, have enthusiastically celebrated the 28th Independence Day anniversary under the theme “Resilience for Higher Progress”.

At the event in which government officials and members of the Assembly of Angola, members of the diplomatic community and a number of nationals took part, Mr. Saleh Omar, Eritrean Ambassador to South Africa and Southern African countries, said that this year’s Independence Day anniversary is unique for it is being celebrated at the new era of peace and cooperation prevailing in the region. Read more

June 11, 2019

President Isaias Afwerki returned home

President Isaias Afwerki returned home

President Isaias Afwerki has returned home in the morning hours of 9 June concluding a two-day working visit to Egypt.

President Isaias Afwerki and President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi on 8 June held broad discussions on bilateral relations and regional cooperation, focusing on the Red Sea and the Horn of Africa.

The two leaders also expressed concern about the current developments in Sudan and called on the Sudanese people and actors to address the demands of the transition period with responsibility and to resist undue external meddling. Read more

“Asmara Marathon” held in Asmara.

“Asmara Marathon” held in Asmara

Asmara, 09 June 2019- “Asmara Marathon” in which over 60 athletes from various East African countries participated was held on 9 June in the main streets of the capital, Asmara. The participating athletes include from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan and Tanzania.

Eritrea’s Mehari Tsegai won the race and Ethiopia’s Tadese Asefa and Eritrean Petro Mamo settled second and third respectively. The first three winners received a 6 thousand, 4 thousand and 3 thousand Dollars respectively from Ambassador Zemede Tekle, Commissioner of Culture and Sport. Athletes who stood from 4th to 10th rank also received prizes from Maj. General Romodan Osman Awliay, Governor of the Central region. Read more

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