November 18, 2018

President Isaias receives message from Kenyan...

President Isaias receives message from Kenyan President

Asmara, 17 November 2018- President Isaias Afwerki today, 17 November received message from President Uhuru Kenyatta of the Republic of Kenya. The message was delivered to President Isaias by a Kenyan delegation headed by the Director General of National Intelligence of Kenya.

In his message President Uhuru congratulated the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia and their leaders for their courageous decision to make peace between the two countries and to advance cooperation in the region. Read more

November 15, 2018

Eritrea will host ‘African Cup’...

Eritrea will host ‘African Cup’ Cycling competition

Asmara, 13 November 2018- Ambassador Zemede Tekle, Commissioner of Culture and Sports announced that the Eritrean Cycling Federation in cooperation with the African Cycling Confederation will host African Cup Cycling competition, which the first of its kind, from 21 to 25 November.

Indicating that Eritrea is hosting the competition for the first time, Ambassador Zemede pointed out that preparation for the competition has already been finalized. Read more

November 16, 2018

Messages of congratulations

Messages of congratulations

Asmara, 16 November 2018- Various countries as well as regional and international organizations sent messages of congratulations to the people and Government of Eritrea in connection of the lifting of sanctions.

In a statement released by the Office of the Prime Minister, the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia congratulated the people and Government of Eritrea on the lifting of the sanctions that has been imposed on Eritrea. The message went on to say that the lifting of the sanctions will have far reaching effects in improving the stability of the Horn of Africa region and that Ethiopia reiterates its commitment to ensuring regional peace, development and cooperation working hand-in-hand with the State of Eritrea and other neighboring nations. Read more

November 14, 2018

Press Statement – Issue is not the lifting...

Press Statement – Issue is not the lifting of, but why sanctions in the first place?

The UN Security Council has today lifted the unwarranted sanctions that were imposed on Eritrea in December 2009 and 2011 respectively.

The Government of Eritrea welcomes this belated decision to redress injustice, almost a decade after nefarious acts were taken inculcating indefensible harm on the country. At this juncture, the GOE pays tribute to the vigorous defiance of the people of Eritrea inside the country and abroad against injustice; to their characteristic resilience and patience in the face of adversity. It also expresses its gratitude to all friends of Eritrea who added their moral weight, and contributed in different ways, to the lifting of the ignominious sanctions. Congratulations to all! Read more

November 10, 2018

Joint Statement of the Bahr Dar Meeting Between...

Joint Statement of the Bahr Dar Meeting
Between the leaders of Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea

The leaders of Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, President Mohammed Abdullahi Mahmud Farmajo and President Isaias Afwerki held a series of consultations in Bahr Dar, Ethiopia on November 9-10, 2018.

The three sides stressed that this, their second meeting in as many months highlights the historic transformation towards peace and integration in the horn of Africa. In their consultation, the three leaders reviewed developments and achievements since the signing in Asmara of the joint declaration on friendship and comprehensive cooperation between the three countries. They noted with satisfaction the tangible and positive outcomes already registered, and agreed to consolidate their mutual solidarity and support in addressing challenges that they face individually and collectively. Read more

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