July 31, 2018

Press Statement – The Question is not...

Press Statement – The Question is not “Removal of Sanctions”: It is why sanctions in first place?

In a meeting with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on 9 July this month, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, urged for the rescinding of the sanctions imposed on Eritrea. This gesture is an eloquent testimony of the courageous and wise stance of the Prime Minister on justice. President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed has also expressed the same sentiment during his visit to Asmara this weekend. Read more

ارتريا أرض البحر
الغضب العارم
الفصل الاول ” الصحوة “

بقلم: الامين محمد سعيد
اصيب الماجور ابو فاطمة في نهاية شهر أكتوبر1956م بإحباط شديد عندما علم من بعض عملاؤه، بإختفاء ادريس محمد صالح من قرية الشيخ حليب. فأرسل على الفور بطلب احد مساعديه وهو القبطان (1) تسفاسيلاسي وهو من اب تجراوي وام إرترية (2) وما أن مثل امامه حتى قال بلهجة حادة:-
– اين يوجد ادريس، الم ابلغكم بضرورة مراقبته على مدار الساعة؟
لم يتمالك القبطان كعادته عندما يكون وجها لوجه امام الماجور، من السيطرة على اعصابه، واخذت يداه ترتجفان من وقع المفاجأة التي وقعت عليه كالصاعقة، وبلسان متلعثم قال:-
– لاحظته قبل فترة اسبوع تقريبا ياسيدي في سوق السمك، ولاادري اين هو الآن. ومن المرجح ان يكون في قريته، او احدى القرى المجاورة. as PDF

Eritrea-Somalia Joint Declaration On Brotherly...

Eritrea-Somalia Joint Declaration On Brotherly Relations and Comprehensive Cooperation

Cognizant of the deep bonds of friendship between the peoples of Eritrea and Somalia;

Recalling that the peoples of Somalia and Eritrea have consistently evinced solidarity and provided support to each other’s aspirations for freedom, independence and progress;

Determined to build on their historical brotherly relations and mutual solidarity to forge a partnership that benefits the two nations and the region; Read more

July 30, 2018

President Mohammed Abdullahi arrives in Asmara

President Mohammed Abdullahi arrives in Asmara

Asmara, 28 July 2018- The President of the Republic of Somalia arrived in Asmara at mid-day of today, 28 July, for three-day official visit to Eritrea at an invitation of President Isaias Afwerki.

Upon arrival at the Asmara International Airport, President Mohammed Abdullahi was accorded warm welcome by President Isaias Afwerki and senior Government and PFDJ officials. Read more

July 24, 2018

Joint Statement on the Eritrean-Ethiopian-UAE...

Joint Statement on the Eritrean-Ethiopian-UAE Tripartite Summit in Abu Dhabi

At the end of the tripartite meeting between His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, HE the President of Eritrea, Mr Isaias Afwerki, and HE Dr Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, held in Abu Dhabi on 24 July, the UAE hailed the historic peace agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia which paves the way for improved bilateral relations and contributes to enhancing the security and stability of the two countries in particular, the Horn of Africa and the wider region. Read more

Press Statement – EU’s Baseless and Offensive...

The Journey for Equality By: Mikal Tesfay

Ministry of Agriculture Promotes Swine and Rabbit...

Fighting Harmful Traditional Practices

Eritrea’s delegation in Sudan

ቃለ-መሕትት ፕረዚደንት ኢሳይያስ ኣፈወርቂ