July 31, 2017

ኣስመራ∶ ኪኖ ተፈላጥነት ከም ዓለማዊ ቅርሲ

ኣስመራ∶ ኪኖ ተፈላጥነት ከም ዓለማዊ ቅርሲ

ብዕለት 8.7.2017 ንታሪኻውን ዓለማውን ቅርስታት ዝፈልጥን ዝከታተልን ኣካል ዩኔስኮ∶ ንማእከል ከተማ ኣስመራ ከም ዓለማዊ ውርሻ ከምዘጽደቐ ይፍለጥ። እዚ ተፈላጥነት‘ዚ ንኹሉ ሃገራውን ደላይ ጽቡቕን ከምዘሐጎሶ ዘማትእ ኣይኮነን። ሓሳድን ወዲ/ጓል ሓሳድን ግን ኣይተሳእነን።ኣስመራ∶ እቲ ዝግብኣ ክብርን ቦታን ኢያ∶ በዚ ዓለማዊ ውድብ ተዋሂብዋ። ነዚ ዝጸዓተ ከኣ እቲ ዋናኣ ዝኾነ ህዝብን መንግስትን ኤርትራ ከምዝኾነ ርዱእ ኢዩ። as PDF

July 29, 2017

Asmara’s Upgraded Status: Honour and...

Asmara’s Upgraded Status: Honour and Responsibility

by Solomon Mengsteab | On Saturday, 8 July 2017, during the 41st World Heritage Committee Session in Poland, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO announced that our marvellous capital, Asmara, was officially inscribed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Read more

Handing Over Ceremony of Newly Constructed Science...

Handing Over Ceremony of Newly Constructed Science College

Asmara, 29 July 2017 –  The handing over of the newly constructed Science College at Mai Nefhi by the Chinese Civil Engineering Construction Corporation at a cost of 25 million dollars was conducted on 27 July. The construction of the college building was in accordance with the agreement concluded in 2014 between the Governments of Eritrea and the People’s Republic of China. Read more

July 26, 2017

Witness some of themost unique & fabulous...

Witness some of themost unique & fabulous festival celebrations, thousands of people celebrate and participate the 16th Annual Eritrea UK Festival!

The British Eritrean Festival UK 2017, which took place at Harrow Leisure Centre concluded its 16th Annual British Eritrean Festival UK on Sunday 23rd July 2017.  Read more

July 24, 2017

Ambassador Saleh presents credential

Ambassador Saleh presents credential

Asmara, 24 July 2017- The Eritrean Ambassador to South Africa and Southern African countries has presented credential to President Peter Mutharika as none-resident Ambassador to Malawi.

In the meeting held on 21 July in Lilongwe, Ambassador Saleh conveyed President Isaias Afwerki’s good wish to the Government and people of Malawi and expressed Eritrea’s readiness to reinforce ties of mutual cooperation. Read more

Press Statement – EU’s Baseless and Offensive...

The Journey for Equality By: Mikal Tesfay

Ministry of Agriculture Promotes Swine and Rabbit...

Fighting Harmful Traditional Practices

Eritrea’s delegation in Sudan

ቃለ-መሕትት ፕረዚደንት ኢሳይያስ ኣፈወርቂ