January 31, 2017

Senior Eritrean delegation on working visit to...

Senior Eritrean delegation on working visit to Russian Federation

Senior Eritrean delegation headed by Foreign Minister Osman Saleh is conducting a working visit to the Russian Federation. The working visit of the Eritrean senor delegation is at an invitation of the Russian Government. Read more

President Isaias explains Eritrea’s stance on...

President Isaias explains Eritrea’s stance on key regional and global issues

Asmara, 30 January 2017- In the second day of his interview with national media outlets on Saturday evening, President Isaias Afwerki dwelt mostly on important regional and global issues.

President Isaias also described in greater detail current urban housing problems and the GOE’s planned schemes that are aimed at addressing, incrementally, the prevailing acute shortages in the capital and other urban centers.  President Isaias also described the broad contours of the constitution drafting process underway and associated efforts to strengthen the PFDJ. Read more

January 28, 2017

Local Media Interview with President Isaias

Interview with President Isaias

Asmara – Eritrea’s local media conducted an extensive interview with President Isaias Afwerki yesterday mainly focusing on projected public development programmes for this year and other issues of importance to the domestic audience. Read more

January 12, 2017

President Isaias Receives Kenya’s Foreign...

President Isaias Receives Kenya’s Foreign Minister

Asmara, 10 January 2017- President Isaias Afwerki today received and held talks with Dr. Amina Mohamed, Kenya’s Foreign Minister and candidate for the Chairperson of the African Union Commission.

The President underlined the need for the enhancement and revitalization of the African Union to ensure that the African continent holds its rightful place in the world.  President Isaias further emphasized the urgency for both the African Union and the regional organizations (RECs) such as IGAD to get their acts together to advance the widely shared objectives of the continent’s economic integration. Read more

January 7, 2017

NUEW Juba branch holds 1st Congress

NUEW Juba branch holds 1st Congress

Asmara, 05 January 2017- The National Union of Eritrean Women (NUEW) Juba branch held its 1st Congress on 31 December under the theme “Commitment for Strengthening the NUEW Organization in the Diaspora”.

At the congress in which 200 members and invited guests took part, the Eritrean Ambassador to the Republic of South Sudan, Mr. Yohannes Teklemeicael said that strong organization is the foundation for attaining the desired objectives. He also called on the Eritrean women residing in the Republic of South Sudan to reinforce organization and contribute to the national development endeavors. Read more

Ambassador Semere Russom presents credentials

Meeting on empowering women

Eritreans showcase Made – in – Eritrea...

President Isaias departed to Abu Dhabi

Joint Press Statement between Somalia and Eritrea

President Isaias departs for working visit to...