December 28, 2012

New years

New years

by Luwam Berhane | When we get to the end of the year and the dawn of the next one is around the corner we prepare ourselves in many ways.

First of all in the entire month of December or even before we start planning our year: what we are going to do, our hopes and desires for the New Year, in fact is one of the few times that the holiday spirit last long enough to cover the days in between Christmas and new year’s day. Read more

Investors reward: Expeditious implementation of...

Investors reward: Expeditious implementation of revised policy

by Kesete Ghebrehiwet | “If the new policy enters into effect soon enough, it would definitely help accelerate the implementation of the envisaged investment program,” was a remark made by the participant of the second national investment conference held recently.

What such a remark indicates is that they are encouraged more than ever and very eager to see it happen with the efforts they would exert. Read more

December 27, 2012

Eritrea: Phantom Israeli and Iranian Military...

Eritrea: Phantom Israeli and Iranian Military Bases

Eritrea: Phantom Israeli and Iranian Military BasesThese past days Stratfor, a rather prestigious global intelligence journal based in Austin, Texas, has circulated a report entitled “Eritrea: Another Venue for the Iranian-Israeli Rivalry.” The uncharacteristic shallowness and obvious intent of the ‘report’ does not elicit any serious rebuttal. Yet, we found it appropriate to respond to it given the tsunami-scale reproduction that it has generated.

In less than 48 hours since this piece was posted in Stratfor website on December 11, 2012 at 11:15 GMT, the story was picked up (as a quick search by the title yielded some 152,000 and another hour or so later 269,000 results), from sites that range from blogs to established news papers. Read more

December 26, 2012

Ministry calls on citizen entrepreneurs to become...

Ministry calls on citizen entrepreneurs to become beneficiaries of investment prospects in industry sector

Asmara, 26 December 2012 – The Ministry of Trade and Industry has called on citizen entrepreneurs to become beneficiaries of the investment prospects in the industry sector.

Giving an elaboration as regards the paper he presented at the Second National Investment Conference, the Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. Estifanos Habte, disclosed that Asmara Brewery, Red Sea Bottlers Share Company, Asmara Milk Factory, Alfa Food Factory, Dekemhare Pasta Factory, the Children’s Food Factory in Dekemhare, Red Sea Food Products and Red Sea General Mills are among the companies to be transferred to private ownership on the basis of shares and sole proprietorship. Read more

Reliable infrastructure facilities laid for...

Reliable infrastructure facilities laid for sustainable development of Agriculture sector: Ministry

Asmara, 25 December 2012 – The Ministry of Agriculture stated that the past 20 years were crucial as reliable infrastructure facilities had been laid in them for sustainable development of the agricultural sector. It made the statement in elaboration of a paper presented regarding the sector at the Second National Investment Conference. Read more

Somali president returns home concluding two-day...

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