July 26, 2012

Funeral service of Isaias Tsegai conducted

Funeral service of Isaias Tsegai conducted

Asmara, 24 July 2012 – The funeral service of reputed artist and fighter Isaias Tsegai who passed away yesterday due to heart stroke at the age of 56 was conducted today at Asmara Patriots Cemetery in the presence of thousands of citizens.

Born in Asmara in 1956, the late Isaias joined the EPLF in 1977 and served with dedication within the fighting forces and other capacities, besides the popular artistic works he contributed after independence. Read more



PART V – America has often the habit of disclosing and disseminating global human rights reports to the world without being invited or requested to do so. In such a report (human rights report), the country recounts what may happen in China, what Russia does, what is lacking in Venezuela, what has been done in Iran, what takes place in Eritrea and the like. Read more

Ms. Fawzia holds meeting with youth citizens in...

Ms. Fawzia holds meeting with youth citizens in Rome

Asmara, 25 July 2012 – Ms. Fawzia Hashim, Minister of Justice, on July 21 gave extensive briefings to Eritrean youths in Rome City regarding development undertakings in the Homeland and the role of the youth in the process.

The Minister gave elaborate briefing on the objective situation in the Homeland and the Horn region, besides calling on Eritrean youths to play influential role in endeavors to ensure regional stability and prosperity. She also answered questions by the youths and encouraged them to focus on reinforcing the community’s socio-political impact.

The participants of the meeting expressed readiness to back up the nation’s all-round development endeavors.

July 24, 2012

The successive offensives and liberation of...

The successive offensives and liberation of Eritrea

by Yishak Yared | Almost two years after the demolition of Nadow Iz, continuous large scale military operations were conducted in a bid for the EPLF to preserve the victories already obtained and transcend into new military offensives while the Derg regime to avoid further military loses and regain what it had already lost. Read more

Senior Israeli Official Rejects SEMG’s...

Senior Israeli Official Rejects SEMG’s Latest Charge against Eritrea

I served 17 years ago as ambassador to Ethiopia. One of the things I learned in the region is that lying is a justified means to achieve greater opportunities.

These are words of a csenior Israeli diplomat on Africa, Ambassador Avi Granot, who is the head of the Africa Division in Israel’s foreign ministry. He was responding to SEMG’s (Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group) outrageous allegation that “Eritrea is in the business of trafficking weapons and persons to Sinai via the Sudan.” Read more

Technical and Vocational Education in Eritrea

In Asmara it is the Culture that Protects You

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