July 31, 2011

German parliamentarians denounces media...

German Parliamentarian Thilo Hoppe issued the following press release today on the attempt by Ethiopia’s khat-addicted dictator to ban independent media and silence critics. Read more

Ethiopian fascination with the Arab...

by Aklog Birara (Ph.D.) | I tend to think that, in Sub-Saharan Africa, Ethiopian fascination with the Tunisian and Egyptian popular revolutions exceeds any other. This admiration emanates from wishes and aspirations among Ethiopia’s youth and small Ethiopia middle class to see similar changes in their homeland. Read more

President holds talks with Saudi...

Asmara, 30 July 2011 – President Isaias Afwerki, today received and held talks with a Saudi delegation headed by Dr. Nizar bin Obaid Madan, Minister of State at the Saudi Foreign Ministry.

During the meeting at the Denden Hall here in the capital, the President pointed out that Eritrea is making vigorous efforts to strengthen bilateral relations, and commended Saudi Arabia’s constructive role in promoting regional peace and stability. He further asserted Eritrea’s conviction that such a role would continue in an enhanced manner. Read more

ካብ ሰነዳት ታሪኽ

 ኩነተ-ረብሓ ናይቶም ተዋሳእቲ

ንጥፈታት ምብ/ጀርመን ኣብ ቀርኒ ኣፍሪቃ: ምስ ካልኦት ፖለቲካዊ ተዋሳእቲ ብምርድዳእን ምውህሃድን ይትግበር ከምዝነበረ ይፍለጥ:: ስለዚ: ነቲ ንጥፈታት ምብ/ጀርመን ብዘዕግብ መገዲ ክግምገም እንተኾይኑ: ብዛዕባቶም ካልኦት ተዋሳእትን ረብሕኦምን ገምጋም ክካየድ ኣለዎ:: Read more

July 30, 2011

194 students graduate from Adi-Keih...

Adi-Keih, 30 July 2011 – A total of 194 students, out of whom 41 are female, graduated from Adi-Keih College of Arts and Social Sciences in degree and diploma. Read more

March in Eritrea’s History

Press Statement – EU’s Baseless and Offensive...

The Journey for Equality By: Mikal Tesfay

Ministry of Agriculture Promotes Swine and Rabbit...

Fighting Harmful Traditional Practices

Eritrea’s delegation in Sudan