June 30, 2011

قادة عسكريون...

قادة عسكريون بريطانيون يطالبون بمزيد من الأموال لمحاربة القرصنة البحرية في السواحل الصومالية.

وأوضحوا بفشل جميع محاولات إعادة السفن المختطفة من قبل المسلحين الصوماليين مشيرين إلى ضرورة إرسال المزيد من القوات إلى خليج عدن لمحاربة القرصنة. Read more

مدد مجلس الأمن الدولي...

مدد مجلس الأمن الدولي فترة مهمة بعثة قوات حفظ السلام
الأممية في جمهورية الكنغو الديمقراطية حتى العام المقبل

مدد مجلس الأمن الدولي فترة مهمة بعثة قوات حفظ السلام الأممية في جمهورية الكنغو الديمقراطية حتى العام المقبل.
وأوضح المجلس ببقاء تلك القوات هناك حتى شهر يونيو من عام ألفين واثني عشر في جميع المناطق المنتشرة فيها بالجمهورية. Read more

Scheme Issued By US Representative In...

Asmara, 29 June 2011 – A number of Eritrean nationals said that the statement made by the US representative in Eritrea saying that ‘Washington should resort to a campaign of recruiting students and youths through the funding of NGOs, religious organizations and the like, as the hostilities weaved against Eritrea have failed to succeed.’ In this connection, the nationals pointed out that the scheme issued by the US representative in Eritrea in a futile attempt of ‘recruiting Eritrean nationals abroad’ reflects daydream of the Administration. Read more

June 28, 2011

Belligerence of Despondency

As attempts by historic enemies of the Eritrean people resorted to carry out blatant aggression were foiled, and overt and covert ploys employed to disrupt strong national unity through the use of firepower were shattered, the UN Security Council eventually passed the 1907 sanctions resolution at the behest of the U.S. Administration. Read more

Nacfa town registering promising...

Nacfa, 28 June 2011 – The residents of Nacfa town said that the town, in which bitter wars were carried out for tens of years and where the majority of Eritrean martyrs sacrificed their precious lives, is registering promising modernization thanks to the investment made over the past 20 years. Read more

Eritrea’s Statement at the Security Council’s...

International Women’s Day celebrated

Natnael Tesfatsion winner of Yellow Jersey

Construction of Gahtelai dam

EAChE conference on Industrial Safety

President Isaias Afweki met and held talks with...