April 23, 2019

15th YPFDJ-Europe Conference concludes

15th YPFDJ-Europe Conference concludes

Asmara, 23 April 2019 – The 15th YPFDJ –Europe Conference that was underway from 19 to 22 April in London under the theme “Nation Building in the Era of Peace and Development” concluded.

At the conference that was attended by Eritrean Ambassadors and diplomats as well as about 700 youth representatives from Europe and America briefings on investment opportunities in Eritrea, progress of Potash mining and other relevant issues were presented by experts engaged in the fields.

Let. Col. Getachew Merhatsion, head of Cartography and Information Center, also gave briefing on long and short term strategic programs and future prospect.

Mr. Yemane Gebreab, head of PFDJ Political Affairs, on his part said that the new era demands synchronizing the national development programs inside the country with the initiatives by nationals in the Diaspora. Mr. Yemane also called for strengthening organizational capacity of PFDJ organizations, communities and national organizations and to reinforce contribution in the implementation of the national development drives.

Seminar was also organized to children representatives from various countries focusing on national identity, history, culture and values of the Eritrean people.

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