April 7, 2018

14th YPFDJ Conference concludes

14th YPFDJ Conference concludes

Asmara, 05 April 2018- The 14th YPFDJ Conference in Europe that was underway from 29 March to 2 April under the theme “My Role in Endowing Eritrea’s Professional and Economic Capacity” concluded by adopting concluding statement.

At the conference in which senior Eritrean delegation, Ambassadors, representatives of national and public associations from Europe, Africa, America and the Middle East as well as friends of Eritrea took part, research papers focusing on the progress of the national development endeavors and professional and economic contribution of the youth were presented.

Extensive discussion was also conducted on the activities and objectives of the organization vis-à-vis the objective situation in the homeland, on economic development priorities as well as the over all participation of the youth in the Diaspora.

The conference also adopted that the Central Committee spearhead the activities of the YPFDJ in terms of strengthening participation in the national development programs, resilience in foiling the external conspiracies against the Homeland as well as proper utilization of the expertise of the youth.

In the same vein, the national and public associations in the South-East of the US conducted its annual conference in Atlanta under the theme “Our Future is Bright: Let’s Add Momentum to Our Development”.

At the conference discussion was conducted pertaining the strengths and challenges of the associations.

The Charge d’Affairs at the Eritrean Embassy, Mr. Berhane Gebrehiwet gave extensive briefing as regards the Diplomatic activity of the Government of Eritrea and its progress as well as the contribution of nationals in the Diaspora in the national development drives.

The participants of the conference contributed 13,130 Dollars for the procurement of 101 eBook Readers for students in the homeland.

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