April 20, 2014

10th YPFDJ Congress commences in Switzerland

10th YPFDJ Congress commences in Switzerland

10th YPFDJ Congress commences in Switzerland

Asmara, 19 March 2014- The 10th YPFDJ Congress in which senior PFDJ officials, Eritrean Ambassadors,  friends of Eritrea as well as Eritrean youth residing in different parts of the world are participating, commenced on 18 March in Switzerland, under the theme ‘United Stride for Strong Organization”.

In a speech he delivered during the occasion, Mr. Yemane Gebreab, Head of PFDJ Political Affairs, indicated that since itsestablishment in 2005 the YPFDJ has accomplished commendable efforts in raising the awareness of the youth and conducting staunch resistance against external conspiracies. He further explained that the objective for the establishment of the YPFDJ has been to enable the Eritrean youth in the Diaspora reinforce participation in the national development endeavors.

He further said that the YPFDJ has conducted successful activities in preserving Eritrean national values and strengthening the unity of the youth, and called on them to strengthen organization.

Mr. Saleh Ahmedin, Chairman of National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students (NUEYS), stated that the Eritrean youth have been the driving force in the history of the country, and that the development of the country depends on the active participation of its youth. He also stressed that the NUEYS would work hard for the success of the youth activities.

10th YPFDJ Congress commences in SwitzerlandMr. Tewodros Goitom, Chairman of YPFDJ, indicated that the YPFDJ has conducted successful activities that have received acclamation by parents, veteran fighters, Eritrean communities, as well as strengthening the vision and values of the PFDJ, and that they would strengthen organization and work for the success of its programs.

According to the report from the Information Ministry’s correspondents, in the first day of the congress different research papers including “Nation Building based on Self-reliance” have been presented.
The YPFDJ congress will continue until 21st of March.

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