September 3, 2014

10th YPFDJ conference in North America conducted

10th YPFDJ conference in North America conducted

10th YPFDJ conference in North America conducted

Asmara, 03 September 2014 –The 10th annual YPFDJ and PFDJ II conference in North America was conducted from August 28 to September in Washington DC.

In a teleconference message he conveyed, Mr. Yemene Gebreab, Head of Political Affairs at the PFDJ, underlined the significance of assessing the past experience of the Front and thereby strengthening the nation-building process and reinforcing the staunch resistance. He further stressed the need to strengthen organizations both in quantity and quality.

Similarly, Mr. Birhane Gebrehiwet, Charge de’ Affairs of the Eritrean Embassy in the US, said that the conference attests to the readiness of Eritrean youths everywhere to face any challenge along with the people and its vanguard political organization.

10th YPFDJ conference in North America conductedLikewise, Mr. Dawit Haile, Head of youth and organizational affairs at the Embassy, stated that the organization of youths keeps on registering strengthens, and thus making the necessary input in the implementation of national development programs.

Moreover, the conference witnessed the staging of lectures by Eritrean intellectuals regarding the significance of reinforcing national identity and values, among others. American friends of Eritrea on their part commended the persistent struggle of the people and Government of Eritrea to ensure respect of national sovereignty and independent political path.

The participants of the conference adopted a 13-point resolution aimed at ensuring organizational capacity and State affairs.

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