January 26, 2016

10 Years UPF Worldwide and in Austria

10 Years UPF Worldwide and in Austria

10 Years UPF Worldwide and in Austria

In order to honor 10 years of UPF work internationally and in Austria, a meeting of Austrian members oft he Universal Peace Federation (UPF) and Peace Ambassadors was organized in Villa Riehl in Seebenstein, a beautiful location in the south of Vienna. UPF was founded on September 12, 2005 in New York. Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon held the Inaugurational Speeech at the Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center in New York with 376 Delegates of 157 nations being present. His topic was:“God’s Ideal Family- the Model for World Peace“.

Mr. Peter Haider reported about the activities of UPF in Austria over the last 10 years: Interreligious encounters, cultural performances and political discussions relating to countries and peoples around the globe. More than 300 events have been held, small and big – up to 200 people attending conferences organized at the Vienna International Centre (United Nations).

Mr. Jaques Marion, General Secretary of UPF-Europe gave an extensive report about the World Summit 2015 in Korea, and the then introduced the founder’s vision for UPF and finally spoke about future projects and the continuation of the Europe-Eurasia dialogue which had started in 2012.

10 Years UPF Worldwide and in Austria

Mag. Maria Pammer reported about an impressive project with young Palestinians, which she has organized with the help of her son, Bogdan Pammer and in cooperation with local friends around the town of Steyr, a twin town of Bethlehem.

Mrs. Elisabeth Cook spoke about her experience in organizing yearly conferences on the „International Day of Families“ and about attending „European and International Leadership“ seminars with Peace Ambassadors in Austria and abroad.

Ms. Joana Peirera brought the young spirit of Youth-UPF, which gave us a lot of hope for the future.

10 Years UPF Worldwide and in Austria

Dr. Leo Gabriel spoke about the initiative „Peace in Syria“ and his recent visit of the Kurdish area there. Peace Ambassador Abdul Kadir Bekri Hamdan from the Horn of Africa News Agency, also working as a diplomat from Eritrea, spoke with high appreciation of the magic of UPF and its peace building capacity, hoping that the states belonging to the „Horn of Africa“ can utilize UPF for their peace building process.

Finally „Ambassadors for Peace“ awards were handed over to Mr. Triloki N. Ahuja and Prince Augustin Pallikunnel, who are coming from a Hindu respectively a Christian background. Both were born in India and contibuted to the development of the work of Civil society NGOs in Austria.

The meeting which had started in the afternoon finished with dinner, which turned into a garden barbecue party, as the weather was still beautiful and warm.
All together 80 people attended.

10 Years UPF Worldwide and in Austria

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