September 10, 2011

“Secret mission to Eritrea” – that of so-called ‘Amnesty’ organization and its masters

•    “It is preferable that the contacts you make should be held at night instead of daylight; for a minor error leads to failure of the main mission.
•    “You will find Ms. Konknakian in Eritrea posing as nun of the Catholic Church.
•    “Cameras that seemingly appear as earphone of mobile telephone that you would use in your workplace are made available.

“The purpose of your mission is to incite and coordinate massive popular uprising against the Eritrean government similar to that witnessed in countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria by December this year at the latest.”

The foregoing material by the so-called ‘Amnesty International’ group is taken from a document compiled as so-called “top secret” in the possession of its members assigned to infiltrate into Eritrea, which subsequently fell into the hands of the Government of Eritrea. And this amply proves the futile dream of anti-Eritrea forces that are not only enmeshed in utter frustration and desperation but also lacking any room for intrusion.

By the way, what does the so-called ‘Amnesty International’ group denote? how was it set up? and for what purpose? what about the extent of the cheap conspiracy and intrigue it intended to carry out in Eritrea through infiltrating into the country?
More details in our next presentation.

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